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I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.  I want to help you and your team learn and thrive. Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation call.

Executive Coaching

Expert Guidance

My approach to coaching is based on appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, personal choice, and commitment to action, I focus on what it is you want to achieve, develop an understanding of the situation based on what you have to say, use questioning, reflection, support and challenge to help create a new understanding of the situation, and after you have explored the opportunities, aspects and dynamics in the situation, help you decide on the right course of action. I offer a number of coaching options for individuals and teams. Click below to see a description of the different Service Levels.

All conversations and information shared between the Client and the Coach are private and confidential, as allowable by law. No personal information is ever shared with anyone without the Client's express permission. Exceptions may be made if there is an imminent threat of serious injury to oneself or someone else.

Conversation Between Colleagues


A Path To Success

Real, thoughtful and effective fundraising doesn’t happen quickly. It is the result of dedicated relationship building, thorough donor cultivation and thoughtful planning.  I can help you and your team create a specific plan, zero in on who you are asking, and tailor your language for  that audience.   I lead individual and group session on the fundraising basics, strategies for individual giving, and the annual appeal cycle and campaign.

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Brainstorming Session

Training & Facilitation

A Comprehensive Approach

I bring real world experiences into racially and generationally diverse training and meeting spaces to emphasize relevance and ease the transfer of knowledge.  In the delivering of trainings and facilitating of meetings (in-person or virtual), you can count on a tireless positive attitude, high-energy, and interactivity that engages participants from the first minute through to the last. I can custom design trainings for you or use existing trainings designed by you or your staff.

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